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Does anyone know what error code 4101 means? It just started happening when I try to push an invoice to QuickBooks Desktop using the FM Books Connector plugin v12.0.0.2 (64 bit). The script was pushing invoices fine yesterday.

The error messages appear when initiating a new request and also when adding related record requests (for the invoice lines). The plugin step returns the result 0, as does FMPA 18 if I do a Get ( LastError ), so neither FMPA nor the plugin seem to think there's an error.

Also, I'm seeing a progress bar I've never seen before (see below). It displays for about 20 seconds. I never saw that before today.

This is on Windows 10, QuickBooks Pro 2017, FMPA 18. All are up to date.

I rebuilt the QB data file, ran the QB file doctor (which said no errors found).

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Hi Kent,

This error indicates a FileMaker or system error generated by FileMaker. The best recommendation is to review and walk through the scripts to find where the error is occurring. As a general rule of thumb, if the dialog box or error box has a red X icon, (i) symbol, or an <!> icon it is a system generated error.



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Hey PCIPal,

Thanks for the reply. I fixed the problem and think I figured out where the problem was (although I'm not 100% certain). If you don't mind I'd like to run this by you so I have a better understanding of how plugin/QB sessions are handled.

I was beginning the Connector session in a parent script 2 stack calls away from the script that primed the data fields and then posted the request. When I moved the session opener step to a parent script just 1 stack call away from the subscript that executes the post  the problem disappeared.

Does this behavior make any sense to you? All the scripts called were in the same file. Does a session not realize it exists if the post is more than 1 script stack call away? Or is something else going on you can think of?

Thanks again. I appreciate your help.



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Hi Kent,

As long as the session to QB is opened the number of stacks should not have an effect. There is a chance that something within the stack in between could have caused the connection to end early, or interfere with the data. It is great to hear you got it working though! If you wish to investigate it further, then I suggest closely looking at the second call stack to see if you can spot anything that may cause one of these issues. Also, another option is to view the Windows event logs and, if you are lucky, it could show a bit more information about the error.



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In case anyone else goes googling this error, I ran into it today, too. This afternoon, everything worked perfectly. Tonight, error 4101. Same FM, same QB, same record, same script, same everything. Except ... in the script I was running, I made a couple edits from a Mac that, of course, can't see all the PCQB functions because it's a PC only plug-in. I didn't touch any lines that referenced the FM Books Connector plug-in, just wrapped a few lines in an If/End If.

I solved the problem by going back into the same script from a PC and editing the script step that triggers the 4101 error (PCQB_RqNew-EstimateAdd) and saved it and voila ... no more 4101. I'm guessing my problem was due to editing from the Mac.

Gordon Shewach

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