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I have been using ScriptMaster for quite a long time. It always been on the client side, I now want to use it on the FileMaker Server through PSoS.

For a reason I cannot explain the plugin cannot register and I do not know why.

- Testing FMServer : script being executed from FileMaker Pro FileMaker Pro Advance

- psos - TestingFMServer : script being called from Testing FMServer. Succesful testing done to ensure at the moment the script is being called it's now in the server.

Does anyone have any idea why the plugin registration does not work? 


With regards1

Message coming from server.png


TestingFMServer.pdf psos - TestingFMServer.pdf

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I apologize for the delay in reply.

What version of FileMaker Server are you running? If you are running FMS 18+, you will need to create a signed version of your plugin. Instructions for doing that are in our docs. Go to docs.360works.com, click the ScriptMaster module, and go to the section titled FileMaker 18 Changes.

If that does not resolve your issue, please reproduce the error, locate the plugin log file, and attach that to this thread for me to review. The log can be located at the following path relative to the FMS directory: /FileMaker Server/Logs/360Plugin Logs/360Plugins_XXXXX.log. You can also submit your issue to support@360works.com.

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    • By john renfrew
      This has long been an issue, I have no idea why it happens and it is making life quite difficult
      Win Server 2012 FMS 16 (current but this happens on other configurations)
      With ScriptMaster installed 
      run a script which resets the server ( SMReset) and then loads jars and functions return to you the result of SMGetRegisteredModules and show it in a dialog box
      run another script on the server which just returns to you the result of SMGetRegisteredModules and show it in a dialog box
      dialog 1 SHOWS the modules you installed
      dialog 2 is EMPTY
      fmsadmin restart fmse
      do the above again, same result
      this means you can not do a test on the server to see if a particular function is loaded before you want to use it.... in fact there is no test you can do to see if the ScriptMaster has fallen over as far as I can tell.
      Any solutions???

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