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Slow Portal Scrolling/Hesitates

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We have a Filemaker Go on iPads and there is a layout with portal rows, when scrolling through it hesitates and you must wait to scroll down. We have offline files on the iPad, although it happens when we connect to the Filemaker server as well.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,


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Hey Caroline!  How ya been?

How many related records in the portal?

Does it only do it on the first scroll, meaning maybe all the portal records didn't load?

After a short time on the layout and same record, does it continue to do it?

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Hi Steve,

I'm hanging there and you? Hope you are well with this Pandemic and all the other crisis!

Well the related records in the portal depends, but they can have up to 60, and it doesn't just do it on the first scroll. It seems to get stuck actually when you are on it a while, which is weird. So yes when you are on the same record.

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I guess to keep the thread going...what versions of:



-FM Server

How about the theme(s)?

Maybe stripping down the layout to see if something is giving it a performance hit?

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iPad generation 7

Filemaker 18 Go (I tried Filemaker 19 Go as well)

Filemaker 18 Server

Yes I thought about stripping down t layout and the theme is basically made from scratch. I'm waiting to hear back from one of the field engineers to get a better understanding of when the scrolling "stutters".

Thank you so much Steve for trying to help me.


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