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Need some help, helping a nonprofit

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I have a nonprofit in my town. They rescue horses. I reached-out to see if they need any I.T. support. They responded and do. I went onsite to find-out whats going on. It's a complete mess. running wifi EVERYWHERE and wondering why everything is slow. They are a mac outfit  and just recently went to the web(Claris). They have 6 Macs and only two can use the client, because the others are so old(only web based and looks completely different then mac client). Now, I'm a windows\Linux guy. 28+ year I.T. consultant that has pretty much worked on everything, but apple..... I even have worked on Fielmaker pro(server v7, lol)

How involved would it be, to switch them to windows client(and PC's). I'm just looking into options. they want to upgrade the Macs they have and I don't want to band-aid the situation. Again, its a nonprofit and I am doing this as a volunteer...


Thanks for any incite....




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Really depends - one way you could ease the transition is to perhaps use Apps on Demand where you could provide users mac/pc access to a hosted provider that will provide an App On Demand experience. All users would essentially be remote in to their session. The users would experience FileMaker running on windows which may allow them time to assimilate to working on windows - which may be difficult to die hard mac users. 

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48 minutes ago, Brianmac59 said:

How involved would it be, to switch them to windows client(and PC's).

I am probably missing something here, because I cannot see what this would be achieve. Filemaker is a cross-platform application: you can run the client equally well under macOS or under Windows.

I can assure you that Mac users will not appreciate your efforts to switch them over to Windows.


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1 hour ago, Brianmac59 said:

and just recently went to the web(Claris)

can you expand on that?  What is they have and not have?

Do they have their own on-premise FileMaker Server, if so what version?

Or have they subscribed to FileMaker Cloud to be their host?

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