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Carafe.FM for absolutely newby: How do I create an own bundle?


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I am absolutely new to carafe.fm and I want to give it a chance. I have read the documentation (https://carafe.readthedocs.io/en/latest/) and the tutorials at https://carafe.fm/tutorials/. I seems to me, that one must have already knowing about the subject. So: In the documentation I go to Carafe Bundle Creator after having installed node.js. In studio code's terminal I create a bundle by typing nom init @carafe-fm/bundle my-new-bundle, and cd my-new-bundle. After that I do not know what is the next step to work on my bundle. For example: Having js-code how do I put it into the bundle. Are the config.json, data.json meta.json explained anywhere. How do I compile my bundle to a bundle.jsons?

Thank you for helping.


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Hi Christian,

I don't think creating a custom bundle is really a task for an absolute newby. It sounds like you already found the two Advanced Development videos at the bottom of the Feature Tour section https://carafe.fm/tutorials/

If you haven't, make sure to check those out, but just to set expectations, Carafe is not going to teach you JavaScript. So if you are finding yourself at a loss once you have reached that point, you might want to consider collaborating with a professional JavaScript developer.


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This topic is 498 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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