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Region - OffScreen in list results

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Hello Everyone,   I am working on cleaning up a solution for Theme and Styles. It is awesome that I can see the Style, and the Local CSS to know if it has been tweaked, I've exported all Layout objects to a CSV and all Layouts to a CSV Related them so I can tie them together by Style, Theme, and see what layouts need attention.  NOW to my question:

Is there a way to see or find the Region Offscreen meta data in the CSV.  This would help me a lot in knowing if the Style / Local CSS Matters or not in the effort to clean up.  This is a Large solution that has evolved over years, and there is a Lot of Stuff in the Margins of the layouts.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

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if memory serves I think that location info is only in the html data on the right which you could copy and paste perhaps not the columns.

There is a standing office hours meeting on Thursday's at 1pm pacific. You can ask Dave directly. 


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Thanks, I got a response for Support where I also asked this question and you are correct it is only in the data on the right, BUT the Data on the right contains ALL the Data for the selected rows on the left so you can select all on the left, then select all on the right and get all the Data.  Will take some Text parsing to wring out what I want, but it's better then going layout by layout.

And great to know about the office hours.  I'm new to FMPerception and finding ALL kinds of ways to Use to speed things up!


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