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The settings in my iPhone X are set within FM GO 2023 to allow 'Location,' but as you'll see below, LAT & LONG are blank. I've tried all 'Location' settings with no change. Could this be due to the fact that I'm indoors and not in line of sight with satellites? If so, is there any way to record the phone's Last Known GPS or similar? Otherwise, any ideas of what might be causing this?


Filename: Photo 1-30-2024 16.12.56.jpg
Storage Type: External (Secure)
MD5: 203C08AEF4B80F4B4B5615B34827C2F2
File Size: 694747
Internal Size: 116
External Size: 694747
External Files: 1

Width: 1125
Height: 2436
DPI Width: 72
DPI Height: 72
Transparency: 0 (False)

Orientation: 1 (Normal)
Created: 1/27/2024 1:14:56 PM

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