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Get UUID and store in another table

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Hello, I'm a beginner. I just want to ask on how to get the ID of a field using PatternCount. 
I have an Item field that display a record "Tuition Fee" and then i want to get the ID of that record and set it to another table.
Can you help me guys thanks.

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8 minutes ago, Mark Gimpaya said:

how to get the ID of a field using PatternCount.

First of all, never ask "how to do X using Y". If you don't know how to do X, then ask how to do X, without telling us what to use.

Next, your question is not clear because it lacks any context. However, based on your other question (which is also unclear), I am going to guess that this custom function might be what you're looking for:



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Hi Mark, you can always use script which, when clicked, sets a variable with the record's ID (using Comment's calc if needed) and then the script can continue doing whatever you wish with the value.  But in truth, I didn't read your prior post as Comment did so I probably missed the mark, Mark. 

It won't be the first (nor last) time. :laugh:

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If doing this in a script, you could simply find the record with the value of  "Tuition Fee" and set a variable to its ID. 

But (as I said) we have not been given any context as to where, when and - most importantly - why this is supposed to happen. I am purely guessing that the intent is to retrieve the ID of a child record with that value into a field in the parent record.


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