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confused about setting up

the walker

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at the moment we have a fmserver with about 50 dbs for the office and a separate sever with fm 5.5 running and web companion serving a simplyfied web db of the one on the fm server , a news database and an orders db but as you all know 10 user maxes it out no one else can visit so i am having unlimited delivered tomorrow but am confused as to how to set up,

can any one recommend the best way to set up i have seen the examples on the fm web site but none of them apply to our scenario

to recap i have two servers a new g4 running fmserver 5 and a g3 running all the web dbs on fm5.5 stored on the same computer and webcompanion serving the cdml pages for all three dbs

i am also looking into uppgrading at least one of them to mac X (any tips on on which one would be best to upgrade(fmserver or web server) ) crazy.gif" border="0

should im ove the web dbs onto the fmserver and open remotely to the webserver or are they best left there

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Just reinstall Unlimited over the existing 5.5 version that is serving your web DBs. Unlimited is basically EXACTLY the same as any other client version of Filemaker, it just allows an unlimited number of IPs to connect to it.

Also make sure that your web DBs are actually hosted by Filemaker Server and are just being opened by Unlimited, do not actually Host with Unlimited. You'll have better performance that way.

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Originally posted by thewalker:

just out of interest as i said before i am looking at upgrading to mac X but what is the best platform (9.2 os , X or PC) to run unlimited and fmserver on

We'll get a platform flame war started here, but I'd run FM Server on Windows 2000 Server. OS 9 is NOT a server OS, and there are some issues yet with OS X and FileMaker Server 5.5. Notr major ones, but items like automated backups.

I doubt it makes much difference what platform you run FMPU on.

Old Advance Man

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I've been an all Mac guy for quite a while (since the 512), I'm currently running FMP Server 5.5 on OS X (10.1.3) (G4) which is serving to an iMac (G3) running OS X and FMP 5.5, an iMac (G3) running OS 9.1 and FMPU 5, and a Mac (7100 w/ 240Mhz G3 upgrade) running OS 9.0.4 and FMPU 5 the two Unlimited machines are connected to the web via FMWSC running on a 450Mhz G3 w/ OS X Server v1.2 and Apache w/ SSL.

Someone has offered to give me a Dual 1.2 Ghz Pentium Machine with 1.5G of Ram in it, my questions is what's the BEST windows os to put on this to run FMPU ?

I believe it's got Win 2000 on it now (It might be win 2000 Server).

**Also as a note although I'm still a Mac guy to the bone, I've noticed that when I've got CDML layouts that do heavy finds (20 or 30 FMP-Include find statements on a single layout). FMP 5.5 on OS X is CONSIDERABLY SLOWER than OS 9, Now mind you I'm comparing performance on identical 333Mhz G3 iMacs (one running 9, one running X) but as we all know OS 9 is NOT an os that you can disconnect the monitor from and let it run for 2 or 3 months expecting that everything's fine... (I'm talking w/o TB2) wink.gif

Anyway so I'm expecting that the dual 1.2 Ghz PC might bring some speed increase, and hopefully stability... but what windows OS is the most stable for FMPU? I've really only been considering NT, or 2000... any input would be MUCH appreciated...

Anatoli what's your take on 2000 ? And does it help or hurt to run FMPU as a service??

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Unlimited is not really for the service job.

2000 or NT -- that is the question!

We build new server this week with IIS and Unlimited, with WSC (there will be more machines) and because of security reasons it is again NT4 based. And of course there is our Security Filter securing FM on the web!

As pure Unlimited machines (not directly connected to web) W2000 has speed advantage over NT4.

But W2K and IIS are still not protected against web attacks.

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I thought I might as well have my tuppence worth smile.gif

RE: OS 9 is NOT a server

yep couldn't agree more Apple wouldn't have sould many copies of AppleShare IP if it was wink.gif ....... There is a server version of OS 9 which is made to be run on an apple that will be used as a server ie it will have file server or data server software installed with it.


I don't use it yet ... I tried it with FMServer 5.5 and had 3 Panics in a week so went back to OS 9. Some are using it sucessfully ..... not so sure yet will wait for the next release of FMServer and Client (if im still using it)

I haven't restarted my Web FMServer since before christmas. I don't run anything else on it so the OS is fairly stable.

Classic Mac OS starts running into problems if you ask it to

1. do too many things at once


2. do anything too intensive in the background.

When softwae vendors get their heads around OSX properly then Mac's will be far and away the better machine for intensive IO tasks due to their system architecture and they have 128 bit processing at their core ........ for instance what is the point of buying a lovely expensive SCSI controller for your extreemly expensive RAID array and whacking it in that mess of PCI - bridge - IO controller ........ and then process on a suped-up early - mid 90's 32 bit processor. Think about it wink.gif

Macs will never win the battle with WinTel in the home user or desktop wars simply because of price but as servers where performance counts they are better machines and they will have the software to match.

NB Apple are about to announce their rack mount servers - I think this shows where they are heading


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well i have the same question as the person that started this. we have about 40 databases on fm server 5. i want to be able to get/post some info from these databases via the web. what do i need to do? i know that the databases needs to open and web companion on. what folders should i put them in?


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