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Can FMP Server 5 host FMP7 files?


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Hi zincb,

FS5.5 cannot host .FP7 files.

FMI elected not to hold FP7 ship waiting for FS7, so customers that require FileMaker Server can prepare and plan for deployment. You can test multi-user functionality with FP7 and FD7 of course.

Good luck,


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I personally can see the reasoning for this decision.

The work required to get a solution up to FileMaker Pro 7 standards, not just to maintain the validity of your data but also look at implimenting some of the new functions of 7 is not just a drag and convert.

And yes, while it can be this simple to do this, with the possibility of multiple tables in one file, multiple windows of the same table open at the same time the planning is now much more required.

If you have not or do not plan on paper first, now is the time to begin. Working out the process flows of the user through the solution, process flows of the system functions and an ever important erd is crucial to a stable and understandable solution to both you the developer and the user.

Also, have not seen this mentioned anywhere, but the comments area for each field is invaluable for the developer. And the CTRL (CMD on Mac) SHIFT + S shortcut to get to scriptmaker is a great addition.

Aaaah, the little things.

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This topic is 6527 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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