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My first impressions


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My first impressions are:

I am happy and sad:

Happy because:

fm becomes a mix of the best things of fm and access

Sad because:

You have to rewrite your apps. because of the serious change

I convert my fm6.0 28 file application . A lot of things went wrong.

1- the links between the files - in fm 7 databases - are corrupted.

The links are pointing to another folder on my pc while all files are in the same folder

2- the colors in the layouts aren't that sharp anymore

3- the script on certain buttons are gone or moved a few pixels higher

So rewriting will be the only possibility

A lot of new things to learn.

I need an new advanced book with all the new features + good examples

I found a nice application on the nightwing website called simple booking system...very nice. It gives a good idea of the possibilities with the new relations (not only = but also >,<,...)

A lot of new questions:

-shall I make 1 db with all my tables in ? (easy to secure I think

-shall I split it in different dbs ?

-Is it easier to split the data from the layout ?

Is there a difference in speed between those options (faster finding,...)

I think a have to spend a lot of time on this forum the next few weeks,...


Version: v6.x

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Your questions are very good and we are all asking them. From near as I can determine I can safely say "one size does not fit all in terms of migration". We are in the process of reviewing our large solution to develop a migration plan. My recommendation is plan, think, re-think, challenge your own notions. Steven Blackwell in a post elsewhere has some good advice. To paraphrase (my apologies Steven if I miss the essence of your advice) is plan well, follow the plan, expect change along the way as you discover things, be methodical. Don't add features before testing and confirming they work correctly, your enhancements could introduce a new bug. Solve one issue at a time. I think very good advice.

Version: Developer v7

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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This topic is 6532 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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