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Join File/Value List Workaround

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I have a database that is essentially an address rolodex of all of the Vendors & Venues I use (event planning company). I have created a somewhat strange join table in the same file that will hopefully allow me to add a list of preferred caterers for each venue. (The caterer records come from the same Vendors & Venues table, so I only have 2 tables but three table occurrences). Looks like:

Table One: Vendors and Venues, multiple fields

Table Two: Caterer Join, fields Vendor ID and Caterer ID

Relationships: V&V to Caterer Join; Caterer Join to 2nd occurrence of V&V that I've named Caterers (Unique ID = Vendor ID; Caterer ID = Unique ID).

My issue is this: I can naturally get the Vendor ID field to populate in the join file, but I can't get the Caterer ID field to populate. I'm using the "No Numbers Popup" technique that uses a value list of Catering company names (from a calculation field in the Caterers TO), to populate that Caterer ID field. Caterer ID in the join table is set as an auto-enter calculation that should look up the Caterer ID from a third table occurrence of Vendors & Venues I've named "Caterer Name" (where there is a relationship between Unique ID in Caterers and Company Name in Cater Name).

When I've used 3 tables for the join relationship, the 2nd field in the join file populates fine. Can anyone figure out where I'm going wrong? I've attached a PDF of the relationships graph as a visual aid (ignore the big text...don't know why it's there).


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This topic is 7161 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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