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I have just started using FMP 7.0. The closet I have worked in is Access. Is there a way to mimic events in FMP 7.0? I was wanting to do an "Onchange" event. When a value changes in a field I want to recalculate the value in another field. Are the "Get" Functions the close as I can get?

Thanks for any help.

Bob Smyth

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There are no "events" at all.

An "on change" event can be simulated by a calculation field and a plugin, see details databasepros.com

type "Hidden Plug-ins" to see the page relating to this technique. I'm not sure if I can give you a direct link here

Also have a good look at this http://filemaker.advisor.com/doc/14267 which is an excelent article on the subject of migration from Access to FMP7.

There are also a few threads on this forum which address your problem directly

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Hi Bob,

As kraftyman pointed out, FM does not support events as part of it's programming model. It's a feature request that has been a hotly debated topic on these forums in the past. But I wonder if your desired goal of having changes to the value in one field force recalculation of the value in another isn't most easily addressed by just using a calculation field type for the latter, or (new to version 7) using an auto-enter calculation for the latter with the option "Do not replace existing value of field (if any)" unchecked. This forces the latter field to re-evaluate when any referenced field changes, but has some advantages (possibly not germane to your problem) over traditional calculation fields, such as the ability for the auto-enter calculation to reference the very field that is being "auto-entered," as well as the ability to validate the field using FM's standard validation options. Apologies if you were looking for something that goes beyond what calculation fields can accomplish; in that case I may have to leave it to other gurus on the forum to help.


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This topic is 7100 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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