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Bug? Broken fields when no body part


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I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered what I'm pretty sure is a bug:

I'm running FileMaker Pro 7v3

I have a file with 68 fields and 9 layouts in which this bug happens. In one layout, I only have a Header part, no Body part, since it's just a custom search form that displays results in other layouts.

When I am viewing more than 8001 records at a time in this layout, any fields viewed as popup menus don't work at all. Any edit fields work oddly in that they never show a flashing I-Beam cursor and never give a visible selection, but I can click in them and edit. This will only happen on the 8001st visible record and above. The first 8000 visible records will work fine.

I've found a workaround, in that if I add a Body part, even if it's empty, this problem goes away. This has the slight side effect of creating a confusing scrollbar and confusing display of selectable blank areas beneath the header area, however.

I tried to reproduce this by creating a brand new database, generating over 8000 records with a script, and then using a layout with only a header part. Unfortunately, things worked fine, and I was unable to reproduce the bug. I suspect the bug only shows up after I have a large amount of data already, perhaps?

Because I can't reproduce it with a new database, it might be possible that no one has run into this... but I'm curious if someone has. smile.gif

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Most of us would not have tried using a Header for a search form, as this ability to enter fields in the Header part is new to FM7.

I would suggest you use a Body part instead of a Header. In Browse Mode, you can change the View to "View as Form" to avoid the scrolling problem.

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This topic is 6619 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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