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Everyone I have just completed a database with filemaker pro 7, however I would like to join MYOB with the filemaker. I know it can be done using ODBC however are there sites I can go to for more detailed info on this? or anyone can tell me how it can be done?

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I'm using MYOB version 6, it should have ODBC with the MYOB.

Information: Well i'm in a computer wholesale company where all items that are sold to customers need to be scanned and record for warranty use. So what happen is I just want the filemaker to read invoices from MYOB.

Whats happening now: After a order has came though the sales will need to key in the items that a customer want to buy where an invoice number will be issued. And then the warehouse will need to scan all outgoing items into the filemaker database I made. At the moment, the warehouse will need to type each item code 1 by 1 from the hardcopy MYOB invoice.

What I want to do: If I can have a link with MYOB to Filemaker the warehouse will only need to type in the invoice number and all the item codes will already typed into the filemaker database all they need to do is just to scan each item which will reduce the outgoing stock time by 1/2.

I understand that I need to use ODBC for the link to happen I just want know if this is possible to do? are there any sites that have info on these???

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I had MYOB Premier v6.0 that does not come with ODBC driver. I had to spend extra to purchase the ODBC driver. Version 8 now come with ODBC driver. The ODBC driver allow you to read MYOB data only. If you want to write into MYOB, you need to buy the developer version of ODBC.

Setting up ODBC in MYOB is very straightforward. In Filemaker, I installed the PDM SQL plug-in. The PDM plug-in comes with many ready-to-use script to connect to MYOB (or any ODBC-compliant database) and script to read data. If you do not wish to spend extra on PDM plug-in ,you can use the Execute SQL command in FM. But the speed is too slow.

There is yet another way to bring MYOB data into FM by using the Import function. More info here http://www.myob.com/us/odbc/odbc8.htm

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Hey guys,

Thanx for all your help, I have tried that ODBC Program which was listed in the US site however when I try to install it will show up saying I cant because my myob file is australia registered file I have to get a full version before I try it.

I guess I have to take the risk, thanx for all the help.

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This topic is 6601 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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