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Weird Licensing Stuff?

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Hi folks,

We're having this weird issue where a person will have a copy of FileMaker Pro 7 on their machine complain about licensing, even when no others are running (we DO have a few identical licensed copies installed that are not volume licensing, but we are planning on getting a volume licensing--this is just for prelim testing. If this sounds like the issue let me know...I just can't imagine that a version of FileMaker installed but not running would be recognized...) on the network with the same license.

It only happens after we load the db via 'open remote' (we're running FileMaker Server 7). At that point, it will complain that another machine is conflicting--and it will give the machine with the same name as the one it is currently running on as the one it is conflicting with. This only happens once in a while, rebooting or restarting FileMaker doesn't seem to help--it'll just 'magically' start working fine. And I want to emphasize that it only happens after we try to open a DB served by FMS 7, not when the program starts up.

So, it is almost as though it sees itself running and isn't happy about this. Could this have to do with the fact that we uninstalled FileMaker 5 and then installed FileMaker 7? Oh--and this happens with OS X and Windows XP.

Thanks for any help!


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If a copy of filemaker client crashes, then it's session with FM Server is not closed. Then when another copy (or even the same copy) of FMP with the same license tries to connect, the conflict occurs. If you wait for a while, or manually disconnect the crashed session using the FM Server Admin tool, then the conflict won't happen.

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This topic is 6686 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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