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Question quick noob question


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Hi all, :)

First time post on this forum so please go easy on me. As you can see from my SN I am a noob at Filemaker or Database in general, so please bear with me for my noobness. :

Okay here is my question:

Say I have Three columnes of numbers,

Item ID_______Item Detail___Item Price









Okay now I want to combine the numbers in Item detail into Item ID, but still keep the Item price relative to the Item Price so it would look like

Item ID_______Item Price














How can I do that in FM 7?? or is it even possible??

Again sorry if I asked in the wrong place or the wrong forum, but I am new to FM and Database so I am not sure where else I should ask this question.. :


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I'll try and go easy. But it looks like you should have 2 tables here, one for Items and one for Item details (or whatever you call the 2; as long as there's 2). That would almost immediately give you what you want. The "Item ID" you show would be just the 2 id's put together.

Any developer would tell you that this ID should be for viewing only however. The fact that you use a 6 twice in the Details brings up a question of what these id's are, and where they're coming from. You do not use such things for your internal links, not if there can be duplicates.

We don't know really what these things are. And you probably don't know a lot about relational design, hence your question. Perhaps if you explained more about what they are. And we could explain more about where to put them and how to show them. But I'm thinking 2 files. Though the price is still coming from Items, not Details. That's not a problem, once they're related.

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This topic is 5734 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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