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Hello: I need somebody to alter the structure of the file, 'MotorRace' as found in the thread below, to be able to handle entering, importing, sorting, and summarizing datasets for a single Race that occurs in a particular year (I want to summarize data of the Race in 2004 and the Race in 2005 separately through a simple find).

Comment (Michael) started the file, but unfortunately is not available to take it any further for at least several months (I need it quicker and he has declined my offer to hire him). Can someone please take a look and give me a rough estimate via PM or you can email me thrillrideracing at gmail dot com.

In the finished database, I would be entering/importing the following excel data (example data follows the field name):)

-RaceYear/ 2004 and 2005 and 2006, etc.

-RaceteamName/ Midlife Crisis Racing Team

-RaceteamNameinfo/ various fields for info specific to the team that I will add to your structure

-RacerName/ Joe is part of Midlife Crisis Racing Team while Fred and Tom are part of Squids2K6 Racing

-RacerNameinfo/ various info specific to the racer that I will add to your structure

-Fueluse/the volume of fuel recorded at several pitstops during a race (total fuel is calculated and summarized in the main summary table)

-DistanceTravelled/ the distance travelled between pitstops from the odometer (totals and other stats are calculated and summarized in the main summary table)

I would enter the racename, raceteams, and racernames manually.

Fuel and distance data are imported into one table

I want to be able to enter, find, sort, summarize individual racers and the team that one or more racers belong to, all by the year of the Race.

I can handle the simple calculations and laying out the summary fields, but I cannot structure the initial relationship.

The raceclub has a budget of about $500 CND. This is to create the structure and I will fill in the rest.

I need this done this weekend. Anyone interested? Payment by wire or paypal, paypal fees included in the price. If this all sounds goofy, unrealistic, etc., let me know, but from what I've seen, I think this is an easy project for someone.




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This topic is 5703 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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