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Contract bid using the Troi serial plugIn or another plugin?


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Contract bid using the Troi serial plugIn or another plugin?


For starting this discussion and previewing the Troi serial module samples

I like some coding and similar to 2 modules CallerID and the Terminal coding

I am looking for a estimated bid from experienced person anywhere world that can communicate by email. If you have voice, that’s secondary, and might be a plus.

The Troi plugin samples; CallerId, what I like about it is the Parsing of data sample code, Parsing being more difficult for me to write kind of code right now and I need this project done now..

What I like about Terminal code.. is everything... I can put a test sample string in it for the input recv data and display it to the output rec screen.. showing the working final displayed process without actually having real incoming data from the serial port.. Then an option to actual to receive real data and of coarse the ability to test comport exist, and set preference..

The project,

I will recieve data from several different devices and the incoming strings will very depending on the device.. so far all devices send terminating CR/LF or just a CR

So, the recv data might look like 13333 #, CR or another device… the data might look like 0103RD1234 CR/ LF And some devices send extra lines of junk that I would ignore. Sample exact substrings I will provided later.. I have only 2 devices for this project now, I used to support maybe 9 different kinds of devices.

Like the receive screen showing incoming data, I want it to display incoming data and then roll it off down the screen, and saving it to a history file...

To substring certain data from recvd incoming line, call this a incoming phone caller ID process telling me the trunk or line# and a special number represent a part phone number of caller-ID , whether it’s a incoming all or a hangup sequence call

BTW, this is not coming from a modem... this be coming from a special blackbox device or (no-named hardware) like ISDN/ DID hardware.

Line#, rectime,

ACCOUNTNumb == being a 3 or 4 numericText representing a recv incoming calls or the last 3 or 4 numbers of 10 or 11 incoming DID digit phone#> that is buried in the incoming recv data

I want to parse this data and display it on a layout screen searching the www.mastar.com QuickStar application accounts database. A database of clients ACCOUNTNumb an index key .. this project to cross reference acctnum thus displaying, and lets call it the

Like such

Line#, , and rectime fields

Line#, , and rectime fields

Line#, , and rectime fields

Line#, , and rectime fields

Line#, , and rectime fields

Line#, , and rectime fields

In layout window above, the AcctAnswerPhrase might be 65 charsters long, and this window layout will display possible 3 to 6 lines deep, anyone of 1 to all 6 lines might be displayed at the same time, anyone of which depending on the recvd data parsing again, will test for a incoming call hangup, I will supply the hangup code later to clears any particular incoming line

Test the coding using the manual terminal enter data, or read from say a test loop of multiple lines of sample code, lastly I will final test with a real device.


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Hello, I posted this, I am still looking for help, kind of disappointed in the above qwest response, but maybe my explanation was to complicated.

This process requires serial plugin demo, no serial data input.. just 'enter' sample data to terminal sample input, test terminal recvd output, parse and display it to screen and saving fields to history

I am taking VTC lessons and carry the bible thinking about this FM script and this language but I am not good enough to think it and write code.

Test needs something like entering input to terminal text string "1234567890ABCDEFGH" and the received output being same, 1234567890ABCDEFGH then operating a paser on this string.

I have several kinds of parsing examples, and so I need help or code having several samples and the ability to make more.. Case Statement maybe.

I need help parsing the ''Termional'' Recvd String that meets criteria to display on the incoming call screen 6 lines deep. line#1,.. 2,3,4,5,6 also saving data to a history file and showing on a display window screen. Operators need to scroll back several hours of time viewing history screen most terminsal data order most recent down down to oldest.

Theres about 4 pieces of data to parse and act on them... something like..

Parse1 = line#, represents which of 1 to 6 lines to display on screen

Parse2 = 4digit code

Seek 4 digit account# for exact match in table, and display its content on certain screen line

Parse3 = if incoming shows to correct line# representing incoming call or hangup code or parsed chacacter will clear any one of 6 lines on screen.

Exact parsing positions would follow..

Thanks for your considerations


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I have solve getting help.. Actually went to www.eLance.com and open new project.. I now have gooten myself a programmer from over yonder, in Pakistan.. Actually quite a good experience... We simply communicate fine using PMB thus i writting code.. and when I get stuck, I create a 'ToDoList' of no more than 3 things... They are super moving me now to a marketable product. Oh, its not just a simple one time thing.. but they found out they also get to develop and support www.mastar.com long term now...

I can reccommend them... if you need a FM programmer who seems quite capable ask me!

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This topic is 6280 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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