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CDML/email problem

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Here's a tough problem, that I think may require scripting:

I have 2 databases: Jobs (job postings) and resumes (from job seekers). In both databases, the poster/seeker can check off items in a value list of what profession(s) the job listing (or seekers) applies to.

Here's the difficult part:

When the job poster submits a job, I would like the resumes database to be searched for anyone who has at least one of the job fields the poster checked off, and emailed with a form letter (using the email address in the resume listing).

There are a few key problems to this:

a - it's all CDML. All online, and I would like the search/email to be automatic.

b - I believe, since the search is a concatenated one on the value list, that the Find command is a multiple find, which I don't know if it is available through scripting, especially with dynamic values.

c - the email has to go through a web page to initiate the email function, as the server does not have an email client that can be queued.

ANY (and I do mean any) suggestions/help/ideas on this problem would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to have to resort to ASP, CGI, PHP, or any other language to learn.

By the way, I was planning to learn Lasso and modify the database, mainly for this functionality.

You can check out the database at www.ctjobs.com. If anyone has a solution, or would like the extra cash (if it is that difficult), let me know at [email protected]

Thanks in Advance (and thanks for reading this far!)

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If you compromise a bit on the "all automatic" bit, something could be cobbled together. I imagine a flow where the poster does their bit, then is presented with a link (or form button) that says "search and ye shall find" and it's the clicking of that button that does the rest.

A similar "semi-automatic" rsult could be achieved using meta-refresh tags. But the trich is to stop thinking about it all having to be one continuous process and breaking it down into steps.

It's a bit like playing golf: the current shot doesn't have to get the ball in the hole, it's only got to put the ball in the best position for the next shot.

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This topic is 8672 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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