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fmxdbc_listener possibly slowing down server

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We have using been Filemaker for years and started doing some more develpment in ASP.NET using ODBC drivers provided with Filemaker. Our Filemaker Server is version 11 and ODBC driver is We are experiencing extreme slowness form the server and any kind of operation like browsing thru records using the client is also slow.

When we restart the service fmxdbc_listener, it helps for a while and then intermittently starts to slow down again.

I have a few questions:

1. Is this expected when fmxdbc_listener is loaded with more requests form applications?

2. Is there a better way to query FMP databases (like Stored Procedures in SQL Server) instead of dynamically creating SQL queries in code?

3. Where should I be looking at to troubleshoot?



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Please update your Profile to reflect your current versions of FileMaker, OS and Platform. Use this quick link My Profile



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www.fmDotNet.org may be an alternative. It uses the XML API that is included with regular FMS and FMS Advanced. XML traffic is more verbose than XML traffic but it usually is more robust/stable

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