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Got a complete solution 98% done working a few hours a day in <2 weeks


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I'm just incredibly impressed with this program. I have no formal programming experience, although I dabbled a long long while ago. After hiring a paralegal earlier this year, it became clear that managing our legal docket in a spreadsheet was no longer viable.

The sum total of FM training I did was watch the 8 minute tutorial on the video. Then I got to work. There's a lot of DB relationships going on (each of my corporate clients organizes things a bit differently), and I wanted functionality like sending emails from FM, and opening third party programs (PathFinder, TotalFinder) using the solution (with an assist via AppleScript).

Today it's basically done. I want to go through the layouts again and make sure some validation rules are set up, but everything works perfectly. I'm happy; my paralegal is perhaps happier.

I even had enough time to add a "show a minion" button (click on it, and it shows a minion from Despicable Me), because every legal docketing solution needs such a button.post-112239-0-03534400-1415840166_thumb.

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This topic is 2947 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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