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KIOSK Mode - not going full screen


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When I open up my runtime Kiosk solution, it does not fill the entire screen and leaves scroll bars on the bottom and right of the screen edges. Actually it is a tad bit too wide and not tall enough.


I have read the tutorials and did my best to search for older articles on this problem. Yes I found some articles refering to this issue but no fixes that work.


First, I checked my computer's screen resolution and it is set at the recommended (for that machine) size of 1366x768. I start the solution with an initial script to read screen size and report back and the numbers agree. I have also made sure that my layouts are exactly 1366x768 using the guides that the layout tools allow me to establish.


Finally, I added a script step as the very first thing to AdjustWindow size to Maximum.


The problem persists.


I have chosen to use Kiosk mode because I defintely do not want my user controlling the PC. I am using it exactly as one would expect a free-standing kiosk to work. And I need the full serface area of the screen for my layouts to be readable and, well, not look stupid. I cannot achieve what I want, at least not in an elegant fashion, simply by turning off certain controls. Havng read the kiosk help and other info, this is really want I want.


So...can anyone help me so that my layout will go corner to corner without scroll bars showing up?


Thanks in advance,


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This topic is 2908 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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