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Maintaining one database version for both Hosted and Mobile

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Sanity Check Please :  )

• “EasySync Settings” and “Sync Check” are in both Mobile and Hosted versions,

    but are quite different.  If I change their names to “EasySync Settings Server”, 

  “EasySync Settings Client”,  “Sync Check Server” and “Sync Check

  Client” I believe that references to those names will change automatically.

•  This would allow both Server and Host Scripts to be maintained in the same

  database version that could then be deployed as Server or Client,

  the Sync button only appearing in the mobile version. ( i.e. if on FMGo show Sync button )

• This is for a deployment where the mobile version has only Push Tables and

  access to the database as a whole requires connecting to the Hosted version.

 ( for remote no-internet-access data collection )

• On first look this approach should work. FMEasySync only sets up

 global variables when the appropriate script is called and that only happens

 as a result of initiating "Sync With Server" on the Mobile device and on the

 server as a "Result of Client Ping" and "Prepare  Payload for Client" and

"Process Payload from Client".

• Not at all certain about this and any thoughts would be most welcome.

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Yes.” You can combine the server and mobile components into a single database, and script it so that each instance is aware of whether it is serving as a host or client.

Evidently this works fine.  Just rename the two scripts in Mobile and Hosts that have the same name to "script name server" and "script name client".

Be sure and do this when after Server scripts are imported but before Mobile scripts are imported, then for the Mobile scripts, to preserve script references correctly in other scripts.

You can also see this done in FileMaker Magazines Tutorial and EasySync Recipe, where the changes are pre-done for you.
Watch the 

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