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Two of many tables do not sync. No obvious solution

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I have two, of many tables, which simply do not sync with EasySync
Each apparently for different reasons.  All the other tables sync just fine.

I have created a known working scaffold of the EasySync example
to test the tables themselves.  The problem occurs here also.
FMEasySync v1.3 Test see attached


Add two tables to easy sync survey example
"Form 3" and "Possible Means To Reduce Stream Sedimentation"

Setup and instance of each table and relate to EasySync tables

Set in mobile settings version to 1.2 to avoid easy deploy issues for now

set EasySync Settings push debug to 1 so we can see what is going on.

delete layouts have not been installed to isolate the issue.
typically when delete layouts are installed the last record in the
mobile is deleted during sync.

To test
• go to layout “Form 3”
• Create new record &add data
• goto layout “Possible Means To Reduce Stream Sedimentation”
• Create new record &add data
• goto layout “Survey List - iPad
• click sync button ( top right )

Records From ES_Form 3 show as a single question mark.
Records From ES_Possible Means To Reduce Stream Sedimentation show OK but don’t sync with the host

In other notes Tim says:

The "?" is usually an indication that either an ExecuteSQL call has failed (meaning that the SELECT statement was invalid for some reason) or that something else that required dynamic evalulation failed. Are you sure that all of the ES_ fields have been setup correctly? And do you get this error for every sync, or only under certain conditions?

I have replaced all of the ES_Fields in these tables by cutting and pasting from the example code.


zero records are transferred for either of the test table to the host.

Last message is that “The sync process has completed”

I tried creating an new table and cutting and pasting field names from Form 3
and achieved the infamous 106 error, perhaps this will help to clarify that issue.
After this I recreated the sample databases from scratch yet again.

It must be something really simple but I cannot see it,
Any suggestions are most welcome.

Thank you

FMEasySync v1.3 Test.zip

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OK, Table named Form 3 has a field containing a non-conforming SQL Character, sigh
changed from "Bank erosion|collapse" to: "Bank erosion collapse"
So, Table Form 3 syncs correctly now, at least in this framework.

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Strangely, changing this one character not only fixes the SQL problem in table Form 3 but also enable the next table to sync also.
So the problems illustrated in this example are now resolved.

Thank you, amazing the difference that a single character can make.

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This topic is 2887 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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