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How to implement a portal of buttons related to field types

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Greetings FM community and thank you for your time


Here's a newbie question from someone who really wants to learn!


On a "sales" layout, that's associated with a "sales" table, I'd like to have a portal on the left that displays the "types" (table) of "products" (table) available. For instance, "shakes", "bars", or "items". 


Each product has a type, and depending on the selected button in the first portal of the sales layout, I'd like to display the products of this type in a second portal, located beside the first portal. For now, not much success, but I suspect it's the relationships that are wrong. 


Any help helps!


Thanks in advance




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IMHO, your relationships need to look more like this:




A portal to AllProductTypes, placed on a layout of Sales, will show all product types (note the x relational operator). If you place a button in this portal, that populates the global gProductTypeID filed by the selected product type's ID:

Set Field [ Sales::gProductTypeID ; AllProductTypes::ProductTypeID ]

then a portal to Products 2 will show all products in the selected type.

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It works! With a lot of help from my friends.

Thank you so much, I would never thought it that way. The relational X is key, and I presume "sales" in your example is what is called a join table?

Once again, thank you very much for the time you invested in my education. Very formative!

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This topic is 2809 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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