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I hope you can help me out of a big CRISIS
I have been running my business accounting and invoicing system on on FM Pro 6 for the last 6 years
I recenty had abig system crash and we upgraded to system OXS 10.10 from 10.6.8 installed FM pro 9 and now i cannot access any of my old files which i now need for a Government audit
Evert time I try open a 2009 invoice I and asked to convert it ..which I do but when i open it it is requesting my OLD password and ACCOUNT name ..Unfornatley I no longer have it
Any suggestion how to access my old files
You soonest attention would be appreciated

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I moved your topic here from the General Topics for version 13.

Your topic fits into several of our topics, (corrupted files, migration, access privileges, etc.) I choose this one because, your problem is involving migration to version 9.

If you don’t have the access, you have a couple of options you might try.

1). find a service that can crack the v6 files before proceeding.

     a). I would start with FileMaker Inc. as they used to provide this service (not sure if they do this anymore), FileMaker used to require proof of ownership and charged a fee of $100.

2) Look for a File Cracker, there used to be a couple available for earlier version. 

Work with a Copy, not your original.



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If you can still open it in 6, you can try changing (or even better, removing) your Account/Password and THEN migrate it.  The 'big crush' you experienced also could have damaged your file.  Have you tried running recover on it first?  If nothing else, go to the backup right before your crash.

As Lee suggests, work with a copy of your files while you try different options suggested.

If you need to run recover, remember that the file should not be used going forward but rather import the data into a good clean backup and then migrate THAT file forward.  I also wonder if you shouldn't migrate to v7 before moving it up to v9.  Jumping multiple versions could cause you problems also.

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If you don't have the credentials how have you been opening the files for the last six years? 

​Indeed... if you had stored the credentials in the Mac keychain then check there to see what they are.

Also remember that the conversion from the fp5 file format to the fp7 file format was where FM went from just a pw to both an account and a pw.  If you still now the pw you can leave the account blank or use the pw string for both the account and the pw.

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This topic is 2784 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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