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Work not being saved


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We are running FMS13, opening with FM14.  Few weeks ago, I could have sworn I made several changes ( and I know to save my work ).  A few hours later, I noticed something I did wasn't there so I made the same change again and then a bit later, I noticed that it wasn't a slip of my memory - that nothing I had done for past several hours was in the graph or layouts although my notes about it was in the script comment (changelog)!  I signed out of FM and reopened the file ( open remote ) and my work WAS there!

It happened again this weekend and the only thing I noticed last night was that I could no longer right-click to select conditional formatting on labels.  I signed out of FM and back in but all my weekend work was gone this time.  I just closed the served file and downloaded it and when I open it, my work is there.  I closed the served file and reopened it and my work is now there!

I have not seen any discussions or bug reports on this behavior and I was wondering if anyone else experiences it.  Client is using a Mac mini for server and I know that is not recommended but this is the first time I have ever seen this strange behavior.

--- added:  I had not experienced a single bit of problem during my working this weekend ... no error messages, no hangs, no blank outs ... nothing to indicate things weren't great.  And I had signed out and back in several times throughout the weekend as well.


In reviewing the logs ... I ask for server events.  I have NONE.  And there are 20 files being served with many users - it should be full.

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I received a report from our server Admin and he said: 

"There is definitely something strange with the server or network. I can't login via RDP unless I use Hamachi. There's also a remote access app a network admin uses to access it, and it say's it's off-line."

Restarting the server brought the logs back and they ran the backups and scheduled scripts through the whole weekend ( on 85 files ) and everything looks fine.  I am looking for any insight into why this happens.  I know ( now ) that we can probably restart the server and things will be fine again - for awhile.    

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This topic is 3068 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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