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Import Records Script Step work on fm pro client but not PSoS on Filemaker server 14. Help!


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Hi All!

Relatively new to building filemaker solutions, but stuck on this problem that have me pulling my hair out!.

I have a filemaker server 14 running on a Mac Mini os X 10.10 and I want to schedule a Filemaker script to run on the server that every night updates a table with new entries from a excel sheet that gets updated daily (in .xlsx format).

The import records script works fine when I run the script locally on my laptop (filemaker pro 14) but when I schedule it to run on the server, it runs successfully every time and throws out no error codes. However the table does not get updated at all with any changes or new entries to the excel sheet. 

I have made sure that the file paths are correct and scripted a variable filepath to point to the correct file in the form of filemac:/Volume/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/filename.xlsx so that it can work on the server but still it does not work. Built a layout to capture what the script ($filepath was the variable file path, documentList was returned with Get (DocumentPathListing) ) was doing and it looked all correct.


I have built a test solution to replicate the problem and attached it to this post ( username: admin, password: fm123 ) (removed the local reference to the file in the import record>specify file step, hence anyone helping to look through the file will have to input their own filepath there). I used buttons to have a script to launch the import script via PSoS and it also doesn't work.

Seems to me that everything is running smoothly except that filemaker server looks at the target file but does not import any of the data into the table.

 Any help will be greatly appreciated!





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This topic is 3045 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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