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Portal Row additions script


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New to the forum but have been using with FM13 & 14 for past 12 months to produce a Recipe Database based on an earlier Template EOS posted (attached).

Tried a number of different fixes but the following have me stopped - any advice would be appreciated.

The main things that have me stumped (and have spent too much time trying to solve) - see attached my modified file of script that adds a selected ingredient from a selection portal to another recipe portal  - to allow entry of a quantity. (The script is a modified EOS original - post IngredientsAndSuppliers_eos ORIGINAL.fmp12):

  1. For a recipe I need to add the same ingredients more than once - Eg: Olive oil is used in the Main recipe  and added to SauceAdditive 1 and Spiceadditive 2. My problem is I can't get a new line added to the portal as it goes straight to the existing ingredient line whereas I need 3 x entries of Olive oil based on my example? (Think it needs a portal counter but my attempts to change haven't worked)
  2. The script does not always go to the same line and field - whereas I would like it to go to the last line and to the quantity field ready for entry on each selection

Would still like to keep the error check - as that part is OK.



AddSelectedIngredient_Error Check.rtfd.zip

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This topic is 3025 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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