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Strange WebDirect Behavior


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I have a single layout that is being published in WebDirect. It's a very simple layout with a slide panel with two panels and half-a dozen global fields a background image, a log and a button. The background image is on the layout instead of the layout part. The button runs a script that just takes the filled in data, pushes it to various created records and presents a thank you page (the second panel).

I've had a few problems in Safari, but the client is reporting many problems in all browsers. I've been able to reproduce at least one in Chrome (47) which sounds like what they're seeing. Most of the time it works fine, although the client reports more frequent troubles than I've been able to duplicate.

I'll be filling in the fields and suddenly the page goes blank and shows me the spinning "loading" indicator. And then nothing. I can reload the page, but unless I do that the indicator just spins forever. It might

The layout has one script trigger, OnLayoutEnter, that hides and locks the menubar and toolbars, but that's it. No other script triggers on fields or other widgets.

What could be causing this? Basically, I'm nearing the point where I'm about to give up on WebDirect and just build this with the PHP API instead, but if I can get it working reliably, I'd certainly like to avoid rewriting it.

This is all being served with FileMaker Server 14 form rented hosting on FMP Hosts.

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WebDirect isn't great with layering things on top of each other.

Can you remove the background image? or embed it in the style.

You didn't really mention specifically what other issues your users are seeing.


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This topic is 2385 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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