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Cloudmail and Amazon AWS

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May I suggest dear people at 360 Works, that if you want potentiel clients to try out Cloumail you should develop some specific aids to configuring Amazon AWS. I have spent a hours trying to do so an just gave up not finding adequate documentation of how to set things up.  The guide at http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Amazon_Web_Services_Production_Mode_for_CloudMail is insufficient.

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Hi dysong3, 

Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to hear you were not able to find the documentation you needed.

The link you referenced is specifically for moving into production mode from sandbox mode. However, we have other documentation available regarding Amazon Web Services configuration:

1. AWS Set Up and Attaining Access Keys: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Amazon_Web_Services_Account_Set_Up_for_CloudMail

2. Optional steps, such as DKIM: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/CloudMail#Moving_to_production

3. How AWS Pricing Works: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/CloudMail#Pricing

Other Tips- 

-I would recommend starting out with the documentation on AWS Set Up and Attaining Access Keys, and then moving into production mode. We apologize if this was not clear.

-For those simply trying out CloudMail in demo mode, a limited privilege 360Works' Amazon Web Services (AWS) access key is already embedded into the demo, allowing you to start sending and monitoring emails instantly. Documentation: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/CloudMail#Demonstration_mode


If you have more questions or suggestions feel free to email us at [email protected] 

We are happy to help!

-Charis B.

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This topic is 2933 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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