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Creating my own plug-in


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I'm preparing to create a beginning plug-in using the FM Plug-in API and related.

However, I understand, as an attractive alternative to Java devs, you offer a Java type library where I could write arbitrary Java code, not necessarily related to your own plug-ins, and then create a FM plugin directly from that.

Is that correct?

Since the "price" is always a consideration, it would be useful to know how much your Java --> FileMaker library costs both up front and on going (that is, yearly).

And, any documentation you could send me a link to would be appreciated.


- m

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18 hours ago, Caleb360Works said:

This would be ScriptMaster. You can view details on it, documentation, etc. on the product page here: http://www.360works.com/scriptmaster/

Unfortunately, there are no actual Java examples that I can see from this "documentation".

It sounds like, from reading the documentation, that you have to create some code and send it to 360 works. Then, they send you back a jar.

This whole process is too convoluted as I currently understand it.

Perhaps there's a video demonstrating Java techniques using the 360 works Script-master advanced plugin?  I haven't found it.

If I can't just create a Java class (OK, maybe a Java jar _I_ create) and then easily execute it without a code round-trip to 360works, it's not worth the hassle + $99/year + whatever other costs there might be.

Look forward to additional information.

- m

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14 minutes ago, Wim Decorte said:

Go ahead and download the free version, things will become very clear.  You can store java/groovy code as just text in FM then call it as a function.  No need for a round-trip to 360Works.

It would be nice to see a quick example of how to use this. Do you know of any or have one or two ("Hello World"), you could share?

Not sure what format the Java code needs to be in.

Just a class? An executable Jar, what?  :)


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13 minutes ago, Caleb360Works said:


When you download ScriptMaster you get a solution called "ScriptMaster" which is a FileMaker database solution. This database has a wide range of examples and how to use ScriptMaster.

OK, thanks. I'll look at this in a bit.

Appreciate all the great replies. :)


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This topic is 2293 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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