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FMPS 14 - Server Machine Recommendations

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I need to purchase a machine to run Filemaker Server 14.  There are six users.  Three of the databases are document management with container fields holding pdfs.  The client machines are all iMac.  In the past, I used an iMac to run the server, but should I really be purchasing a Windows Server to run.  Here is the windows machine I was considering purchasing.  Anyone have any comments on configuration:



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I doubt a Win or Mac (assuming the same hardware spec) will make much difference in terms of performance. What will matter is the size of your DB's and what your expected growth is. If your container fields hold the actual pdf, then it will growth a lot faster than if you link the container fields to a pdf file on the filesystem. It all depends on your use case what works best. If you have no Windows machines in the office I would probably stick with a Mac.

I had a Windows 2008R2 (virtual) server with 8GB memory and enough diskspace for my DB's running FMS14. The largest (main) DB is about 3.5GB in size. I have between 10-15 connected users at any point in time. No performance issues whatsoever.

That machine crashed on me last week, but from a performance point of view, it never struggled.

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This topic is 2251 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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