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Thoughts of this new "Top call statistics" logging feature


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I'm considering upgrading my FM servers to v15, mostly for the Top Call Statistics, but also the WebDirect features.  To save me some time and effort, has anyone used the Top Call Statistics in a meaningly way and can give a honest review of it?  Is it really helpful in any way, and if so, how?  Or is it another feature that looks great on the onset, but not very helpful once you start using it?

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I wouldn't upgrade just for the top calls stats. It helps but in most cases it won't be a magic bullet telling you exactly where a problem might be. It will give you some more clues about which tables, action or field are part of issue though. But that can always be misleading and part of secondary action.

However FMS15 is pretty good overall, i haven't seen or read many issues at all and it has fixed a lot bugs and issues. Other than the license changes it's probably one of the least problematic version upgrades in recent FM history.

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Agreed; don't upgrade just for this feature.  Upgrade for the SSL wildcard / SAN feature and the improved speed.   As a bonus you can take advantage of the top call logging.

The main fault with the top call logging is that only logs the 25 most expensive calls in any logging period.  If you have a busy environment then that may be a few disconnected calls from many users; it will not give you a retraceable flow of what user is doing.

But it is MUCH better than we had before so I am not knocking it.

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I never mentioned that I was going to upgrade just because of this feature.  From what I've seen of this stats feature, I couldn't justify the time and energy I would need for an upgrade just because of that feature.  

I've got a tracking system that records all of the executed scripts, so I don't have to rely on this new feature.  But it does look like it'll be somewhat helpful in diagnosing problem areas with our system.  

Too bad I already purchased additional certificates shortly before I heard about the SSL wildcard feature.  But, it'll come in great once I need to renew.  

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This topic is 1853 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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