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    Ghost Hunter

    A free game, based on the classic 1979 board game, Stop Thief. I designed Ghost Hunter in 2013 using FM 12. It runs on a desktop with FileMaker 12 or above, or on an iPad with FileMaker Go. iPhone screens may be a bit small to enjoy the game.
    Track a ghost as it moves through a haunted house, using clues and your trusty EMF meter to determine its location. Try to capture the ghost on camera when you think you know where it is. Play alone or with up to 4 players. Detailed directions are included.



  2. Free


    DiscTracker is a free Disc Golf app. Features include:
    •Keep track of your collection of discs and add photos
    •Build bags using your discs and view their flight information in Matrix view
    •Add courses and layouts, easily entering their hole, par, and distance information
    •Keep track of your scores as you play, up to 5 players, and measure distances of your throws using your iPhone's GPS
    •Export and share PDFs of your final scores and throws
    •Functions in Airplane mode while playing to save battery life (except the Track Throws feature which requires GPS)



  3. Free


    Graphite is a free Point of Sale for iPad, is perfect for small retail shops.



  4. Free

    Sample FMGo File

    This is a sample test of the file download system on fmforums.com
    navigate to this site directly from iOS and you will be able to download the file to FMGO Directly.



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