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gain or loss between sucessive reccords

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I use the following calculation to determine the investment gain or loss between two successive records. The records are sorted by date descending.


( Get(RecordNumber )>1;Total investment-GetNthRecord ( Total investment;Get(RecordNumber) -1 )


The calculation works well except that on the last record in the found set it results in a question mark. How can I eliminate the question mark? I would like the result to be be empty.

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Sorry about that. I changed the calculation after I posted it. ! It is:

( Get(RecordNumber ) ≥ 1;Total investment-GetNthRecord ( Total investment;Get(RecordNumber) +1 )

It determines the difference between the current and next records.

The file is attached.


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Well, if you're on the last record, then this part:

GetNthRecord ( Total investment ; Get(RecordNumber) +1 )

will error out.

You should change your test from:

Get (RecordNumber) ≥ 1


Get (RecordNumber ) < Get (FoundCount)

That will make the last record empty and return a value for the first record (which does have a next record).

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This topic is 1809 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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