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Replicating behavior of PopOvers in a Portal


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Hi, I’m really Stuck :tears:, any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Problem :

I need to replicate a particular behavior of the PopOver that is inside a Portal.



When inserting or editing portal Rows via popOvers, the data updates in the portal before “committing”. 



Trying to replicate this behavior according to this rules: 

-. Using Transactions and Data modeling.

.- Data not updated at the portal before committing (refreshing portal by trigger or exiting a field doesn't work).

.- Data not updated at the portal as inserts or edits are been made (same as above). 

.- Inserts or Edits are made outside the portal in the same layout (no modals, Using SlideControl).

.- Not using PopOvers inside portal.

.- Portal is not accesible by user it only shows the list of items been inserted or updated.


I have tried different approaches but no solution yet, trying to replicate behavior has been very frustrating.



Filtered Single Line portals and Magic Key with different Techniques and different relationship approaches, I have not tried Globals via Scripts which I presume could be a solution but don’t have much to start with!!!.


For the record:

A few months ago I started implementing “Selector Conector and Transactions”,  I´m not so sure I have correctly implemented this.


I have prepared a Sample file (is not the actual solution) with very simple use of Transactions and Data Modeling, it shows different approaches I have tried. Used some technics learned here at this forum which have been very helpful.


Approaches number 1 and number 2 from the Sample file are not the preferred, but merely show the behavior I´m trying to replicate.

A script at start creates small window that shows records are been created in child's table even tough it won’t update the portal before commiting when using technics 3 and 4 from the Sample file.


Hope my explanation makes any sense. :(


Thanks in advance, and cheers to all :beertime:


PS.: Check the green Framed Portal at the right hand side of the layout´s Sample file for a cool technique that I designed, it uses  “Hide Object when”, and a combination of formatting the Button and portal row (Padding), which makes the illusion of an X circle appearing on the right side when Hovering portal rows, mostly used for deleting. Hope any one has a use for it.


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This topic is 2799 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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