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Files on iPad (Device)

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Really new to using FileMaker Go 15 and can't seem to find the way to copy files to the device so I can input data while offline.


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Thanks.  I used iCloud drive to get the documents on my iPad and iPod.

I knew that there was an easy way to do this.  Now I can input the data once, not multiple times.

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      Hi all,
      Is there any way of sending and receiving message on iPhone using the iPhone Messaging app and have the conversation recorded in FM GO?
      I know that we can use "open url" to set messaging variables and pass it to messaging app, but this way we can not record the SMS conversation in FM go any more. 
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    • By Lewis Stairs
      I noticed that on the server in which MirrorSync is installed, one of the mirrorsync.data files was 12GB+ in size. It is in the filepath formula C://Program Files/360WOrks/SyncData3_MirrorSync/FileMaker Server_x.x.x.x_FileName/mirrorsync.data

      Is there any way to either reduce the size of this file, or stop it getting any bigger? 
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      We are having an issue with the ipad occasionally getting a 'host not found'.
      The 'external data sources' have the proper IP address of the host computer, but even with the ipad right next to it, the 'host not found' message occurs.
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    • By reynir
      I updated my solution to FileMaker Pro 16 and FileMaker Go 16 and after that the script step Insert from Device (Type:Camera). Now FileMaker Go comes with the screeen "Files on iPad" and "No files available". When I press cancel the script continues and opens the camera. This does not happen in FileMaker 13 and 14.
      Other thing that I noticed is that the Go To Portal Row > By calculation does not work as it does in FileMaker 13-14. Frustrating.
      Any workaround?
      Hi again
      The second problem is solved. I inserted "Refresh Window" before the script step "Go To Portal Row" and that did the trick.

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