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How to prevent table connections on FileMaker Go?

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My primary Filemaker 16 database connects to 4 other tables located in their respective Filemaker databases. I wish to prevent these connections from occurring when using the primary Filemaker database in Filemaker Go in iOS but allow the connections when using on a computer desktop, both Mac and Win. The reason I wish to disable these connections in iOS is that I always see prompts to locate the databases and it wastes my time to locate each one and connect it. Any way to accomplish this?

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This is a tricky one, but I think could be improved by design in the database.

FM will only attempt to locate the other files if it needs to. You could have layouts for use in FM Go that don't have any fields, references or scripts that require the other databases. Then FM Go won't bother to open them if it never needs the data.

The other technique might be to use Global Variables in the Manage->External Data Sources. In your startup script you could set those Globals to the correct values if you are on a computer, and set them to nothing if you are running in iOS. This would prevent Filemaker from looking for them.

However, if your database relies on values from the other files for calculated fields or layout items that you need to display on iOS then both of these techniques will have the effect of reducing functionality in your database.

Maybe that helps?

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That is a good idea. I will try it! Thanks. 

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