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Hello all,

I just started using FM17. It has been a long time, since FM11 that I have used FM. I am setting up a solution starting with FM Starting point. I created some value lists to use and all of them are fine but something strange keeps happening with one of them. I select the field, the options come up, I pick one, and I get this. "This operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table.". Filemaker does make the change when I select a new value from the list. How can I get this warning from a value list? Doesn't this error have to do with a script? I am not running a script that I can see.





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Hi Dave...

I think this is when the value list is tied to a relationship if the value list is to just show ALL values from another table than it wouldn't have that issue.

When the value list is defined to look up thru the relationship you will that value list will only work from the context of the layout where the relationship is valid.


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Long time no see. This is a value list with custom values. Not tied to any table. That is what is so strange. I have two on the page. One works fine, one does what I am talking about. I'll recheck it



I deleted the field on the layout. Made one on the layout again, and it fixed it. Must have had something tied to it from ther starter solution template.





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Posted (edited)
19 hours ago, faaslave said:

"This operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table."

This message comes up when you have a script trying to perform some action (e.g. set a field or go to related record) without having a relationship to the target of that action.

It also appears  if you place a field from an unrelated TO on the layout, then try to edit the value in that field manually.

Most likely, the field you have deleted had a script trigger attached to it. And you probably copied it from another layout, where the script was in the proper context for the action to take place. 

Bottom line, you must be very careful when modifying an existing solution made by someone else.



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That is exactly what happened. Thanks Comment. Glad to see you are still on here


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