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Donald Clark

RemoteScripter problems

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Problem 1: I have the latest version of Remotescripter running on an AWS 2012R2 server, with FMS 18 and FMP 18 client running on the same machine (I know, not recommended, but necessary for now). Basic connectivity and communication works fine.  This machine is a robot, so I need to suppress errors from popping dialogue boxes – which stops the client from responding until the box is cleared.

The command to do this is:

RemoteScripterSetErrorCapture ( errorCapture )

Toggles error dialogs on or off. When something unexpected happens, the plug-in will pop up a dialog displaying the error message. This makes it easy to see what went wrong. However, in some cases, you (the developer) may prefer to show your own message to the user, or possibly not show a message at all. In that case, you can call RemoteScripterSetErrorCapture with a parameter of true. That will suppress the error dialog from appearing to the user.



errorCapture - set to true to suppress the default popups.


When I set a variable  (or a field) to set error capture = "true", I get a response of 1 (success).  However, the errors are not suppressed and still show.  And it is not an FM error - it is a RemoteScripter error.

Problem 2 - kind of related.   When I quit the FMP Client solution, I want to deactivate the port I open when using RemoteScripter.  The command for that is:

RemoteScripterStop ( 8900 )

Stops listening on this port.


When I set a variable (or a field) like this, the result is true (1), but the port is still listening.  When the robot client solution is restarted, it pops an error code that the port is already in use.  And pinging the port does get a response. 

Has anyone encountered these problems?  And have you found a solution?  

Thanks for your help.





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Hi Donald,

For problem 1 I suspect you are passing in "true" instead of True. The difference being when you put the parameter inside quotes it is treated as a word/String instead of the necessary boolean value. When passing in a String, the function will still execute but the value is ignored since it is not a boolean so the error capture remains the default which is false. The function will return 1 unless an error is set so that is why you are still seeing a 1. Make sure you are calling this function with a boolean value.

For problem 2, I have not seen this reported before. Please reproduce the issue and send your logs to support@360works.com. See this page for log locations.

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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the fast response!  You are correct - I was passing in 'True", not True (without the quotes).  Old time habits, I guess.  Anyway, it works now.

And, for some strange reason, the Stop is working, too.  Ran it several times manually and on last window closed without success.  Ran the same script again today and it worked.  Need to cut back on long dev sessions, maybe.

Thanks for your help!


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Excellent! If you see the issue where it does not stop listening on the ports again, please send us your plugin logs so we can help trouble shoot.

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