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Complete Newbie - Creating a task list, viewable on login.

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In the past I used Podio to organise my daily/weekly workload. In that setup I would login (via my browser), and immediately be notified of tasks: Outstanding (tasks which had been scheduled, but not actioned, or actioned and marked as completed etc), today's calls and future tasks.

Podio was integrated with a Google Calendar which made tracking very easy. I'd like to try to create something similar so I receive a pop-up message/task list, when I log in to FMPA at the start of each day.

Is this something I might be able to achieve as an absolute newbie?


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??? - Not sure what you mean bcooney? As I mentioned, I'm a complete newbie at Filemaker.

Thanks for your reply.


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If Podio works well for you, why not just integrate with it.  It seems to have excellent APIs (https://developers.podio.com/doc) if you need to exchange data between your FM solution and Podio.

These days there is very little benefit in trying to recreate features that exist somewhere else...

As to your core question:

On 3/19/2020 at 7:20 PM, St3v1e said:

Is this something I might be able to achieve as an absolute newbie?

That's fairly impossible to answer because we don't know by what criteria you label yourself as a Newbie, or how much time you have available to learn, play and build.

Can it be built all in FM: sure.

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Thanks guys, Podio is no longer a viable option for us, hence why we've moved over to FMP. Reinventing the wheel is not something we're attempting or wish to do. I'm purely trying to (eventually) put together a database which is of our own design rather than having to "make do" with Podio - which we've been trying to customise for the past 4 years and still has it's glitches and downsides.

Rather than continuing to work with a platform we're unhappy with, we decided to take advice and go with FMP - thats why I'm trying to learn the basics (from scratch) and hoping to get some of the features we need into our FMP DB as soon as possible. Next is the Pop-up task notification/alert.

I'd like to put this together in a workable fashion myself, and then have a FMP designer/company/expert take the idea and make it into a streamlined databse eventually.

As far as time - yes I have that, as far as labeling myself as a newbie - expect no previous programming or database use or design experience. I have worked on software testing with a UK Applescript programmer, and so understand a little about Applescripts, but there any relevance to FMP stops.

Hope that provides some background on me and feedback, and explains why I'm forging ahead. But right now, I need a pop-up task to appear when I login to the database. Happy to research and learn, but certainly I'm in need of some hand-holding during this initial learning phase.


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Making an action happen at startup is done using File menu > File Options then click the Script Triggers tab and the OnFirstWindowOpen option.

This prompts you to select a script. You'll need to think about what exactly you want that script to do. I'd recommend going through some of the tutorials here: https://www.filemaker.com/learning/

E.g., your script might include something like:

Enter Find Mode
Go to Layout[Tasks]
Set field[ completed ; "<>1" ]
Perform Find


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Posted (edited)

Fitch, many thanks . . . .  checking out the tutorials right now. Thanks also for the script layout - just what I was hoping for.


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