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Filemaker Server 15 - Application Request Routing

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Hello everyone,
I am starting this post because existing posts on the subject appear to be too old and will not allow comments.

I have had to rebuild an installation following a bit of a disaster. Long story short: Windows Server 2012 r2 all new and fully updated. Filemaker Server 15.

I am continually getting to the point where it states that Microsoft Application Request Router 3.0 is required and cannot be downloaded - the install then fails.

I have followed (as far as i am aware) all the tips and tricks to download the ARR manually - both V3.0 and V2.5 with all the pre-requisites in the right order and the installation still fails.

This was working previously so it should be possible.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?





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Hello and thank you for the tip - I was indeed running as administrator.

I tried this on the main installed as well as on the setup program that ends up in the 'files' folder.

I also tried the same thing on a Windows 2016 server and got the exact same result.



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I don't think FMS15 is supported on Server 2016 so don't even try; even if you can get it installed, certain components of FMS may not run as expected.

I recently had to reinstall an FMS15 for a client too and initially had the same problem.  Downloading and installing these in sequence, each time explicitly right-clicking the installer and choosing "run as administrator" was the key (even though I was already logged in as an administrator!)



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