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FM Calculation for Containers

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I have the attached letter that I am trying to display a digital signature on.  As you can see there is 2 versions of the same letter and they are different length based on the client it's for, meaning my signature has to either A.) move based on the letter length or B.) have 2 signature graphic containers and only display the correct one based on calculations (shop ID and package price).

Is there are particular calculation I should use for controlling if and when a container graphic is to be displayed?


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Well then the question is what determines which signature to use. There should be a field (or a combination of fields) in the letter record that dictates this decision. Based on that you can either lookup the correct signature from a table where each signature is in a separate record or auto-enter it from a global repeating field in a single-record Preferences table.

Note that I am assuming you want to store the selected signature in a container field of the table where each sent letter is a record. This way the signature will be kept as it was at the time of sending even if the signing person modifies their signature later on. However, if you are keeping a printout or a PDF of the sent letter, then this is not necessary and you can display the signature directly from its original record or through an unstored calculation field.


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