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FileMaker Pro 19.1.2 crashes when creating a Database Design Report

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As there isn't a thread about this I thought I'd post about this annoying bug as it affected me and I thought I had a corrupt db.

The issue seems to be that when editing layouts with certain summary parts in FileMaker 19.1.2 it changes the way that the layout is configured, so that a DDR created in FileMaker 18+ (at least) crashes FileMaker Pro and fails to create the DDR.

Some points from my testing:

  • Creating a DDR without selecting 'Layouts' works fine.
  • 'Save a Copy as XML' works fine.
  • It seems that running Recovery or compact/repair in 19.1.2 also introduces the issue. I don't know if running this in 19.0.1 fixes the issue but worth trying.
  • Claris are aware of the issue and have stated that "The FileMaker file is not corrupted in this case and you can continue to use the file without issues".

The workaround is to rollback to 19.0.1 on any machine used for development and rebuild any layouts edited in 19.1.2 (deleting all objects and pasting from a backup worked for me). Also a recovery might work in 19.0.1.

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Filemaker 17.  I formally ran DDR's with ease.  Now I get several error messages and no report, one says the name is too long.  Shortening the name does not change the result.  I can get a summary of the DB but clicking on Tables, etc. yields nothing.  Any ideas?

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Are you using FileMaker 19.1.2 to access this db at all?

If not then this is a different issue and you should start a new thread for it. Also might be worth testing it with 19.0.1.

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