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Merge 2 field names (not text)

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I moved fields (and scripts) from one FM file to another one.

Now, I have a table to 2 fields that has same function but different names, example: Container1 and Container2

Both have their own attached scripts and calculations.

I would like to merge "container2" into "Container1" field so the attached scripts and calculations will also change, but I can't rename it simply to "container1"

is there a way to without going through all the scripts and calculations?




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14 minutes ago, Amanco said:

I would like to merge "container2" into "Container1" field

Not sure what exactly "merge" means in your scenario. Suppose you have a record where Container1 contains Image1.jpg and Container2 contains Image2.jpg. Which of these images should the "merged" field contain, and what should happen to the other image?


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I am basically looking to remove the field "Container2" and use it as "Conatiner1".  So image2.jpg to move it to "Container1".

but i am looking mainly to change the field name first from "Container2" into "Container1" so all the attached scripts and calculations will change as well, so I don't have to do change them manually. 

but because the field with the name "container1" already exists in the table, I can't rename it.



Thank you

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If the scripts and calculations you want to use reference the Container1 field, then move your content to the Container1 field, then delete the Container2 field.

Note that the actual field name is irrelevant here. Filemaker uses IDs to link to referenced fields.


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Both fields "Container1" and "Container2" have referenced scripts and calculations. 

I mean by changing the field name, the name will also change in all the scripts and calulations. In this case I want them all to be "Container1"

2 minutes ago, comment said:

Filemaker uses IDs to link to referenced fields.


In this case, is it not possible to make them all reference to the field "Container1" apart from doing it manually?

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That's not possible - at least not within Filemaker*.

(*) It is sort of possible if you copy the script/calculation field as XML, modify the XML in another application and paste it back. But if you make a mistake, you could end up destroying your file.


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