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WebDirect Slowness on Ubuntu Server

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Last week I installed FMS 19.3 on Ubuntu Server 18.04, following the instructions in the article "The Penguin is Back!" The machine is on our internal network, which has no access to the outside world.  I expected the performance to be pretty snappy with WebDirect, but that's not what I've seen so far.

When I access the admin console from another machine on our LAN, it responds and renders almost immediately.  But when I call up the WebDirect menu page, it takes about 10 seconds to load.  Right now, I only have one small file on the server.  When I click on its icon, it takes about 10 seconds for the login prompt to appear.  Then, after logging in, it takes it a little while to correctly render the first layout.  The layout is pretty simple - just a button bar and some text.  But sometimes the button bar will just be outlined without the fill color for a few seconds.

What are some things I could check for proper operation?

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    • By millmaine
      I have a script where I want to export a csv file and I would like it to work on both mac and windows.
      At the moment it works fine on macs but is not working on Windows.
      I have a script step to create a variable $path1
      Substitute ( Get (DesktopPath) ; "Desktop/" ; "" )
      Then in Export Records script step in "Specify Output File" I have:
      filewin:/$path1/Dropbox (Millmaine)/Finance/FROG_Invoices/CREATIVE/$invoice_name
      filemac:/$path1/Dropbox (Millmaine)/Finance/FROG_Invoices/CREATIVE/$invoice_name
      I have checked with our operatives and the directory sequence after $path1/ is consistent (i.e. nobody has any additional folders/directories).
      Our DB is hosted on Filemaker Cloud.
      Any idea why it's not be working for those on Windows?
    • By yaqui
      Howdy FM19 Gurus,
      I am a simple photographer who has been using Filemaker for my billing and database purposes since FM 7. I have tried a few times to use quickbooks or other apps, but they just don't do it for me.
      The issue I am having, and maybe it is a simple one, is I am getting a message that says, "Provided name and password cannot be used to access file." I have my username already in the first field, and the password, or what I think was the password is not working. I have tried a number of different passwords too.
      I have uninstalled and reinstalled FM19. So I don't think it is an issue with the FM program. I did recently update to Big Sur a few weeks ago, and can't remember if I have used FM since then. I think the problem is a keychain issue. I am at a loss. I have looked at my keychain access and did not see the login listed there. 
      I use FM19 maybe an hour a week, and please forgive my ignorance. I just want back into my billing program that has all my clients info and my billing layout.
      Thanks in advance,
    • By jschudel
      I am exporting an XLSX file via Export Field Contents to download the file. On the desktop, this works perfectly, but on WebDirect, the file is empty (no content). The same routine works well with PDF and other files, I just get this strange behavior with the XLSX file export. Any ideas? Thank you. 
    • By jschudel
      A very strange problem.
      I added the default Java calendar supplied with FM19 to a solution. While I can assign the fields from the calendar table to the "required options", I cannot assign the fields in "optional fields".
      When I open the drop-down in the "All day field" and "Editable field", they remain empty.
      When I open the drop-down in the "Event style field", I only get this selection:

      Any ideas how to solve this? 
      Thank you.

    • By jschudel
      What is the easiest way to read parameters supplied with the URL for WebDirect?
      The goal is for members to receive an URL per email that already contains their ID and the event ID, so WebDirect knows the member and the event and can automatically load the relevant data.
      Thank you. 
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