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Date Field in Filemaker Go is Selectable but NOT Deletable

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On my FileMaker Pro 19.6.3 database I have a Date field that has the pop up calendar. I can click on the Date field and either use the calendar to select a date, or use the Delete key on my keyboard to remove the date and leave it blank. When I use that same database on my iPad I can still select the Date field and I can use the calendar to select data. However, I cannot use the delete key (or any key) to remove the date and leave the field blank. Any thoughts? Thanks. 

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Thanks, I did do a script to clear the field, but I don't have a lot of real estate to put the button on the layout, so I was hoping to find out if I had some way of just deleting the date on Filemaker Go the same way I do with FileMaker Pro. I could fit in a button if I were using a stylus, but my fingers are too chubby to let me zero in on a new button squeezed in between the other buttons on the layout. :) The script is linked to Command-3 on FileMaker Pro. I cannot seem to use these script shortcuts on FileMaker Go, even with my external (old) Logitech keyboard, is that right? Thanks again.

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