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Upgrade license mess.

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I am trying to help a friend, and don't have exact details at hand, but I'm hoping a description of the situation is enough to get clues which way to go.

As far as I know he purchased FM Pro preinstalled on his Mac Mini. Recently there was an upgrade available.

Apparently he renamed the old version app filename in order to keep in separate in case something went wrong.

He now has both versions on the computer and can start them both. The old one shows it is licensed. The new version is a trial version.

I am guessing if he had not renamed the app file, the upgrade would have found the license on the old version and automatically used it, ... but what do I know.

I can get the new version to browse for something for a license, but I don't know what or where that file would be.

Any tips on this - and how to resolve this are greatly appreciated! If I get more info. (versions (old and new, so I'm guessing 18 to 19, but don't know), what I clicked to browse for license thing, etc.) I will add it here.



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I can't find how to delete this. If someone wants to, please do so. I will repost (maybe) when I have more info.
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